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Welcome to Tony’s Auto Repair & Locksmith, situated in the thriving community of Long Beach, CA. We are the best in town for all of your auto repair and locksmith needs and have been providing the residents of Long Beach with unparalleled auto repair and locksmith services.

While some companies excel in locksmith services or auto repair alone, we are very special in being able to offer Long Beach residents with the best-of-the-best in both of these areas of expertise! That’s because we dedicate our line of work to offering you the ultimate in car repair, residential and commercial security solutions and emergency auto and locksmith services.

Call us for skilled locksmiths in Long Beach to do your re-keying! We specialize in commercial and residential locksmith services in addition to our incredibly popular line of emergency services.

Auto Repair Long Beach

Auto repair and locksmiths are what we do best here. We have a special Auto Repair Shop that continues to impress our dedicated Long Beach clientele.  We have the skill and expertise to deliver a very comprehensive range of car maintenance services.  Some of our most popular requests include soil changes, routine vehicles checks, wheel alignment or some complex body work – there is no end to our capabilities in the realm of auto repair in Long Beach!

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

We are renowned throughout Long Beach for our excellent 24 Hour Emergency locksmith services.  Our brilliant teams of lock technicians quite simply are the best in town and can come to you for emergency car locksmith services, the replacement of lost car keys, or to safely and professionally pick your locks, car towing service offer house lockout solutions and numerous other residential locksmith needs to the good people of long beach. What’s more is that we are fully bonded and insured to work in both residential and commercial environments, at your convenience.

Our office address in Long Beach, CA: 2435 Anaheim st. Long Beach , CA , 90804,
(562) 242-2062

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