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In Long Beach, there are a lot of car repair shops. There are also a lot of locksmith services. Rarely, though, is there a company that offers both and excels in service provision at the same time. That’s what Tony’s Auto Repair and Locksmith has been known for, and for a long time now. Residents of Long Beach and regular clientele quote them as the best at what they do, and with good reason.

The great thing is that the services are available anytime. The office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever in Long Beach you are at whatever time, as long as you need help, Tony’s will be there to assist you get out of inconvenient situations.

Locksmith services include unlocking solutions if you have accidentally lost your car key Long Beach bound. Professional lock picking is also offered. Aside from vehicles, Tony’s also provides unlocking of house doors, car and house re-keying services and unlocking other compartments. We have the best professionals to do the job. There is no need to worry as long as they are of assistance.
Additional services that We offer include security locks, changing master locks, and basically anything to do with locks and keys.

The next time you lose or lock away your car key Long Beach bound, all you have to do is make a call and someone from their professional locksmiths will be more than glad to help you. There’s no more reason to fret if you go home in the middle of the night without keys in your pocket, or if you decide to head home but accidentally left the keys inside the car. If you are planning on improving the security standards at your house or office, these guys at Tony’s are the best out of the crop that you can get in the whole of Long Beach, CA.
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