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Heating & Cooling System Check-Up Services

At Tony’s Auto Repair & Locksmith, we are the most reputable leaders in preventative maintenance in the Long Beach area. We have an outstanding team of heating & cooling specialists that will conduct a thorough check of your system. Summer is almost here, and temperatures can get mighty hot. Our job is to make sure your car is like a freezer during the scorching summer heat. There is a lot more involved in your heating & cooling system than you might imagine. We’ll be able to perform a full system evaluation and inspection of your heating & cooling system. We can add freon and test the outlet temperature. We thoroughly check each valve and hose to make sure they’re functioning properly.

Thoroughness is our middle name

Your heating & cooling system must be cleaned of any potential bacteria, fungi or mildew to prevent you from getting sick while driving. Many heating & cooling systems are old, and must be cleaned to ensure you’re getting the best quality air coming from the vents. We provide you with a leak test to check if there are any cracks inside that may be causing the refrigerant to leak. Our technicians will check the belts, hoses, valves, and connections to make sure everything is flowing as smoothly as possible. We’ve been repairing A/C systems for a long time, and ensure healthy air ventilation inside your vehicle. We offer the best in all preventative maintenance services. Our services include, engine repair, heating & cooling system, transmission repair, oil change, tire change, and complete vehicle maintenance. You don’t have to suffer in the summer or freeze in the winter anymore!

The Best Auto Body Shop in Long Beach

Whether you need some freon to keep you cool in the summer or a routine oil change, we’re always happy to help. No other auto body garage in Long Beach can match our professionalism and customer care reputation. You can always expect the best services at prices you can afford. Let us provide you with a full heating & cooling system evaluation! Bring your car into our Long Beach auto body garage today!

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